FLY my sofa!

I am sure there were many times in your life that you doubted yourself?


May I dare say that these are usually learnt behaviours. contemporary-sofas

Remenber the time, when your parents told you that you are not good enough as compare to your siblings or cousins? Or when you teachers started to keep bugging you on homeworks? Subsequently, you may have supervisor at your work place who will micro-manage whatever you do?


Those of us who are lucky may get friends who trusted us and gave us encouragements.


However you may doubt yourself, you need to know that just as you have learn something. You can unlearn it and learn new skills to trust yourself and believe that you deserve better in life.

I am sure that you have trusted yourself many times in your life.

So spread your wings.

Perhaps you may want a sofa chair with wings to constantly remind yourself of your ability? Contact us if you want to customise one. Text Vince 90305057 or email: info(AT)




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