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This is one colour orlack of colour that is not for everybody. Only those who can truly afford the time, money and effort are entitled to have these at home.


Number 1: If you have children, this is definitely a BAD idea!


Number 2: If you have pets that is not contain in a cage or fish bowl then this will drive you crazy!


Number 3: Are you the type that have to entertain plenty of guest and love to serve RED wine? Well… good luck to you when your guest gets a little tipsy.


Number 4: If your home has huge windows, and you get SUNLIGHT streaming in… Ok… this may sound like something that people would want in the cold climate. But you know you are in the tropics and SINGAPORE is HOT and sunny. So with constant sunshine, your fabrics will change colour in no time!


Number 5: White sofa is hard to come by in the stores as it is high maintenance and it is not for mere “mortals” or the massess. It takes guts to commit yourself to such an choice and if you really feel strongly about this.


Consider that you can have a white sofa custom made. Contact us and we will see if we can create the prefect white sofa that you so desire!

text us for an appt @ 90305057 or email: info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg