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Why do you need it?


Because you have active and beautiful children!


And adorable pets!

So your sofas for everyday use need durable fabric. Cotton and linen are winners (but watch out for loose weaves — they can snag). Also terrific: synthetic microfiber, which can mimic most fabrics and is stain resistant. Cotton and linen can be treated for stain resistance, but even then they aren’t as easy to clean, or as durable.

Blends of natural and synthetic fibers tend to peel within a year.

Wool and leather are handsome and strong but expensive.

Silk is sleek but fragile.

Fabrics with patterns woven in tend to wear better than those with printed patterns.

Tip: Ask Centrepiece furnishing for a piece of fabric larger than the usual swatch. Place it where the sofa will go. View it in natural and artificial light — and see how much you still like it after a few days.