Reasons for reupholstering

You may want to leave your sofa the way it is for as long as you can, but when is it time to give it a face lift?



Your sofa could be an antique piece of furniture or one that carries a sentimental value. This type of sofa is hard to replace as it has unique craftsmanship and features that modern furniture lacks. Many of such sofas come with either plain or elaborately carved frames made of durable wood which is not only valuable but also irreplaceable.



The quality of your sofa is another factor that deserves consideration. If you have splurged on your sofa but need to cover an unmovable stain, it is logical to get it upholstered instead of replacing it with a new one. Usually, older furniture is considered high quality as it has heavy hardwood frames, high density foam, horsehair or cotton padding and eight-way, hand-tied coil springs that enhance its durability and increase its value. On the other hand, newer furniture of good quality contains a built-in mechanism made of hardwood and has solid features like maple framework and eight-way hand-tied springs.


Comfort level and stability:

The comfort level depends on the softness or springiness of sofa seat, its height, its material, the width of the seat, the height of the headrest and its stability. If you feel safe and enjoy sitting on your sofa all these while, upholstering it may seem more sensible than replacing it if the fabric or leather is stained or discolored due to age. Feeling comfortable also translates to accepting your sofa as a distinctive part of the room.



As a general rule of thumb, reupholstering a piece of furniture costs about 50-65% less than purchasing a brand new designer one. However, the percentage depends on the type of fabric to be replaced and any structural repairs needed to be performed by an upholsterer.

Of course, if your sofa is from IKEA, COURTS or mass produced, it may not make much sense to get it upholstery as it may cost you more than buying a new furniture from them. Perform comparison shopping by asking for quotes to gauge the cost of upholstering in order to determine whether upholstering is a better option.

If you like us to give you an rough estimate of the cost to reupholstery your sofa. Do sent us some photos and the sizes of your sofa to get an online quote.

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or whatapps your images/sizes to Vince @ 90305057


Jan. 13, 2016

By Emmie Sahlan, Angie’s List Contributor

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