Should I stop being happy?

You must have heard that we cant be happy all the time, so how much do you think we should try to be happy when we are not?  How did you decide when we should stop trying to be happy?


When was the last time you felt like life is a piece of dump?


That you rather sleep and never wake up? Did you start telling yourself that we do not deserve to be happy as it is not normal to be happy all the time?


But then, you felt trapped. Not unhappy.


Resting is no longer comfortable.


What is itself is no longer natural. You may feel strangely strange being alive and yet feeling so odd.

tiger sofa

But don’t stop, have courage and fight for your happiness no matter what others say. Your inner voice must learn to heal and console ourselves like a child.


Until you feel comfortable and happy to be just yourself. Don’t stop trying to be happy.


Don’t give up on bringing happiness to yourself and to others who may feel like yourself now. So reach out to your friends and family and tell them that they deserve happiness and don’t stop trying to be happy.

untitled frds of support

You deserve to  be happy and we hope we will one day be part of your journey of happiness.

Justin(@) or text Vince @ 90305057.

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