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Today, this piece of furniture is ubiquitous in homes, but prior to its innovation in the late 1680s in France, no such piece existed. People sat on hard, straight-backed chairs (though that changed around this time, too), or on trunks. Padded seating was an utterly unrealized concept.

This new seat encapsulated a move toward comfort that began in France around 1670, and lasted until 1765.

In that relatively short period of time, many of the things that we still associate with comfortable living—private bedrooms and baths, loose-fitting cotton clothing, indoor toilets and padded furniture—came into being and flourished. In ways both big and small, these ideas about comfort forever changed the way people lived. DeJean writes, “The age of comfort can be said to have created a blueprint for today’s home and the way we live in it.”

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Credit: Joan Dejean.