I’m seeing so many rainbow colours recently…

I am not too sure about the debate that is on going about certain groups of people who are against the splendour of the rainbow, the glowing pink of love or the people who are born this way.

Are you like me who is sometimes puzzle who in this world have the heart to object to LOVE?


Well, it saddens me that instead of loving and doing more to spread love.


Some of us are wasting time in this day and age on objections of things that is actually beautiful.


Actually, I agree that it maybe a little messy and hard to understand sometimes. But I think I am agreeable and is happy that more people in this world are made a lot happier as they gained equality as their birth rights!


I believe it is our duty to show care and concern to anyone and everyone. So if you let us, we will want to spread the happiness around too.

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