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Consider the needs of individuals and groups.

People need to feel heard, valued, respected and acknowledged. Develop sensitivity to the needs of others. For children, this means learning how to share toys and play harmoniously on the playground.
At this moment in time, you and your spouse maybe at the verge of a power struggle in deciding what Sofa to buy for your new home. You have spend so much effort and energy in acquiring your current dream home. Now is the time to decorate it according to what you like isn’t it?  Oh but then… your spouse is not exactly on the same page as you?
Consider then the needs of yourself and see how it will fit into your spouse life. If you hear, value, respect and acknowledge your spouse. It is likely that you needs will be met too.
After which, contact us and custom made your SOFA to exactly what you like and need 😛
Vince Chiang, Text me for an apt 90305057 or email: sales(AT)centepiece.com.sg