LOUD patterns for your sofa?

Do you sometimes feel that your life is in a mess just like the sofa with loud patterns in your living room?


Things can look not quite right even though you may have love the fabrics initially.


The thing about mess is this. We need to balance it out. So if your sofa is bold and loud, you would need a larger space to counter balance it visually. Similarly, if your life is in a mess now. Try to balance it with more positive or learn ways to build a bigger space to contain the mess.


So fret not. There is hope.


Look out the window or look within for the space.


You may somehow find something that is messy, bold and beautiful. Just as in life.


So embrace your mess, perhaps to take time to smell the roses. Or you can take charge and change the fabrics in your living room for a brand new start?

We will be here to support your journey. Talk to us if you like to change the look of your sofa. Text Vince 90305057 for an appointment.

http://www.centrepiece.com.sg or email: Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg

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