A Striped Couch



A striped couch can add a touch of whimsy, a cottage-style vibe, or a conservative air of business to a room, depending on the color and types of stripes on the fabric. If the couch is covered in bold colored stripes, keeping stripes to a minimum on the rest of the decor will keep the look from becoming overwhelming.


Your selection of throw pillows, wall decor and floor coverings, as well as the fabric or finish on other chairs, will determine whether the striped couch creates casual flair, an eclectic vibe, or is simply used as a splash of pattern in an otherwise basic room décor.


Mix and Match, Yet Classy


A striped couch needn’t match everything or even anything else in the room — it can simply stand out on its own as a statement piece without overpowering the rest of the furniture in the room. This look combines the stripes of a couch in conservative or neutral colors, a floral or paisley print on a sofa, loveseat or arm chair, with additional pieces in neutral, solid tones.


The variety of pieces in this type of styling suggest grown up eclecticism — things don’t match, yet each on its own is fairly conservative and the grouping as a whole, including wall and floor decor, seems to fit together.


For a more conservative look, the couch striping is in neutral or conservative colors, such as shades of beige or navy. Fabric covered chairs match one of the colors of the couch stripes, and accent rugs and wall coverings are also in the same color family. Throw pillows feature either the striped fabric or one of the colors of the couch fabric. The vibe is conservative and yet comfortable.


Eclectic Whimsy

Stripes can run the gamut from conservative to fun. A couch of bright stripes adds to the air of whimsy in an arrangement of funky furniture shapes, vibrant chairs and tables, colorful wall art and playful accent pieces. Pieces need not match in an eclectic room — the more offbeat and unusual, the better, and it is the non-matching quality that ties the room together.


This type of room is full of creative, artistic energy and is well suited for a creative personality.

Cottage Coziness

Some gently striped couches fit nicely into a cottage or shabby chic ambiance. A comfy couch with white or light blue pastel striping becomes a centerpiece in a comfortable cottage-style room, especially one with plank walls. Pastels, whites and whitewashing round out the decor with a variety of antiques and vintage-style accessories that feature the mellow, peaceful colors of the stripes.


For a waterfront cottage, wall decor and accents featuring water and boating themes completes the look.

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