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Some of us may know about the common vanishing trade in Singapore like the street cobblers or the trishaw riders. You may not know that there are also other trades that is less common and harder to find. One example is this custom handmade sofa and upholstery services that is Made-in-Singapore. One rare find is actually Centrepiece furnishing 😛 It is a closely knitted and small business called “Centrepiece furnishing.” I think if you follow this, you would have known.


They are sofa makers, situated on the sixth floor in a factory at Northstar@amk. Manage by people who are passionate about sofa and its creation. This is rare in Singapore as the the cost of production in Singapore is very high. People are choosing mass produce products that cost little to make. So custom made trade is not easy to maintain and
upkeep. However, this company has manage to stay in business for years. They are known to be able to create all kind of custom made sofas, teakwood chairs, headboards, dining chairs and upholstery. You name it, imagine it and we can help you create it.


Such creation of your imagination has another advantage. That is,  since they are direct manufacturer, they can bring you good value by eliminating unnecessary costs that retail stores must compensate for by charging higher prices. Their factory location costs less than what other stores pay per square foot a month, and since they are only open to the public by appointment, utilities are low. With expenses at a fraction, they deliver better value. The price you pay is for the actual items and not for extravagant displays or expenses. Prices are in the mid range of designer sofas that you can find in up market retail stores. Personally, I feel that their quality is top notch, considering the high level of referral they receive.


Actually, I must forewarn you, that their mouth to mouth referral  is high. Occasionally, the waiting time for a full set of sofa,  dining chair, headboard, ottoman and chaise lounge, can have a waiting time of up to three months. Sometimes, I’m surprise how this disappearing trade is so well known among those who are savvy enough to engage
their services. This hidden benefits seems to be limited to the closely knitted few who are in the loop.


As you can see, the owner, Vince Chiang,  personally attends to you like a friend. So they will be no middle man and no designer cost. From the conceptualization of design, to the manufacturing of the product and to the delivery to your home. Everything is painstakingly manage with the most detail expertise because Vince always says that, “I treat all my products like gifts to my friends. I like everyone to feel my sincerity akin to my inner circle of friends.” After all, this second generation sofa maker with a few decades of manufacturing experience wants to share his experience with you.


The experience of selecting the structure of your sofa, the  selection of fabrics, the trying out of the density of foam cushion and height of the custom made sofa are all open for viewing in the factory. I.e. everything is transparent and open for you to see. So you can feel assured of the material and the production quality. This is what you do not get from mass produce products. Therefore this custom made business adds another level of uniqueness to this trade.


Buying from such unique trade will ensure that this business model will continue to the next generation. This allows diversity, a degree of human touch and history to develop. So if you are like me, choose to support varnishing trades that are off the main stream.

Written by Rebecca Bech

Url: www.centrepiece.com.sg [7] [10] E:sales(AT)centrepiece.com.sg  T: 9030 5057 F:6570 0102

feedback: Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg