A peace of mind… getting some sleep

Occasionally, we tend to lose sleep over things that has happened in our life. Perhaps, something that just didn’t quite go the way we want. Is it worth losing our sleep over this? Nevertheless, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of sleep to you and me. So, a good bed is important to us to achieve that, and a good bed frame to support us is equally important.


Having a good solid bed frame is essential to help us feel supported and grounded.


And of course, you are unique. So we can put in ideas to create bed frame that suits our taste and décor as well. Be creative, choose the design and colour as you wish.

justin 070

Be bold!

justin 053

Or be as designer as you LOVE! Basically, you decide what you like and we will help you achieve the custom made bed frame that you want to support you in a good night of sleep!


Text Vince Chiang for an appointment : 90305057 or email: sales(AT)centrepiece.com.g


Feedback: Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg


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