This morning we met this person who we will name as “Alice” at her place at Chween Chian road. She is American. She was recommended by our customers to custom make a sofa. As usual, we brought some fabrics sample to her place for her selection. After some time of viewing Alice retorted with a sense of conceit that it is not her fault for not liking the fabrics that we painstakingly carry there and demanded that we go again with more fabrics. But we didn’t say anything.

I mean, nobody insisted that she have to like the fabrics that we brought for her, and nobody expected her to appreciate the value added service that we provide. But Alice’s view has shown her underlying belief system i.e. she may feel that she is superior and other service staffs are born to serve. That is quite upsetting!

Surely, one cannot expect us to bring everything. So we would prefer that customers would view and select their fabrics at our workshop. This makes better sense as the full range of materials and fabrics will be in our office. Thus we invited her to come to our office to view the fabrics. But she said that we are too far away, and she insisted that we should carry other fabrics to her.

However, what comes next was a shock! She said that it is her right to demand that we bring whatever she wants to her as it is the service staff DUTY to SERVE! And with some haughtiness she opened the door to show us out in a condescending manner!

Despite that, we sincerely believe that she is an exception and people are generally kind and nice.

Nevertheless, to move forward. Please visit our office for the full selction of materials and fabrics. If you need us to visit your home. We would love to do so. However, we do have a consultation fees for on-site visit  at SGD $45, redeemable if confirmation of order is within 30 days from our first visit.

Of course, to our many wonderful loyal customers and friends who have been with us for so many years. In contrast to Alice, we truly appreciate the kindness of our current customers. You guys are truly what make us want to do better for you. Thank you.

Speak to us Vince 90305057 or email sales(AT) or Justin(AT)

P/S: nevertheless, Alice has contacted us to apologise for her insensitivity and is our customers now. updated 23 March 2014.