New year, new opportunities and new designs for your new home? Well, many times as we progress with time. We may tend to look at things that look trendier or more fashionable. I am not too sure if you feel the same way? There are times when we bought clothes that is very trendy but yet does not seem to quite gel with us. Eventually, these are hardly the clothes that represent us or is comfortable.

Thus when you are buying our sofa and is thinking of customizing the design. Do consider what you really want and if that is practical?


What looks great, may not suit your life style and liking in the long term.


SO it is important to talk to people who have a heart and is sincere about creating a sofa that represents you and is you. Something that feels like a classic, practical and perhaps unique like you.

Do speak to Vince 90305057 or email “sales(AT)” or “Justin(AT)” and find out more how we can help you realized your dream sofa.

And as we are a direct manufacturer, you will get better value for the same amount spend with us. read :


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