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Centrepiece furnishing ensures that only the most competent sofa makers  who meet the requirements are allowed to work on your sofa.

Sofa makers are required to prove that they have earned the right to be called master craftsmen – through the quality of their work, their commitment to customer care and the level of service they provide. Once accepted into Centrepiece furnishing they are required to maintain the aims and objectives of the Centrepiece furnishing.

Whilst we are a close knitted company, we are committed to pursue the interests of the consumer through careful employee selection so that you will rest assured that the sofa you order from us will remain in good quality for years to come.

Speak to us on what to look out for in a good sofa, with all honesty  and directness. Talk or text to Vince Chiang at 90305057 or email sales(AT)centrepiece.com.sg