Upholster That Chair

“Have you inherited a chair from your Mother’s house, found a lovely second hand option that you loved the shape of or are you just sick of your existing options??  Don’t dispair, upholstering may be the answer to your problem.  Decide where you are going to put this chair before you choose a material.  Is it going to be used a lot or is it going to be in a spare room just for show.  This will determine the quality of material required as well as the favoured colour scheme.”

Uphostered Chair Gingham Chair

Contact Vince Chiang 90305057 to find out more how you are bring new life to the thing you cherish!!!

email: sales(AT)centrepiece.com.sg or Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg  whatapps 90305057



    • Centrepiece furnishings thank you for the information.

      We are a direct manufacturer, we bring you near-wholesale prices by eliminating unnecessary costs that retail stores must compensate for by charging higher prices. Our warehouse location costs a fraction of what other stores pay per square foot a month, and since we are only open to the public by appointment, utilities are low. With expenses at a fraction, we deliver better value. The price you pay is for the actual items and not for extravagant displays or expenses.

      Contact us at sales@centrepiece.com.sg for an appointment.


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