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I think the current local trend in contemporary sofa has been clean and “office like” shapes and designs.

 Enjoy The Sensation of Sleeping Comfort with The Cassius Sofa Deluxe is Modern Sofa beds.

It is the kind of sofa that matches your white walls and designer’s chic black vase. I guess you would know what I am referring to if you have been out shopping for a sofa at the retail stores. On most days, I would have prefer these contemporary looking designers sofa.

However, on days that I have a particularly hard day at work. And is feeling rather down. The only thing that i want when i get home is to lie down on a big SOFT and COMFY sofa like this!

The kind of traditional sofa that will give me a sense of security and a sense of familiar feeling of “Home Sweet Home.”

At centrepiece, we feel that a sense of well being and comfort that fits your life style is important. Trend comes and go, our feelings too. Nobody sense of comfort is the same, so get the exact sense of comfort that fits you by getting a custom make sofa.

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