Talk to reliable Sofa maker to save yourself from running around…

Are you aware that “complains” are common in singapore? I mean they are some very unreasonable people out there. I am sure you have met some before right?
Actually, I’m for “complaining.” That is if there are certain things that are unfair or if issues are unjust. Then people should speak up and ask for their rights.
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19 Apr 2011
The Straits Times (Singapore)
Complaints over furniture hit record high
…Seng Choon said if the furniture arrives damaged, the…placed the order with the furniture company last November…industry development at Spring Singapore, noting that complaints against the furniture industry had gone up along… “

I know for sure that at CENTREPIECE furnishing does not condone any unethical conducts or slipshod workmanship by our workers. Therefore, we ensure that everything is at good condition before we deliver our goods. Of course, certain issues pertaining to Fabrics and how it is used in Singapore is not within our control. But workmanship and quality assurance is certain if you choose to use our product and services.  We rely very heavily on customers’ referral, so your satisfaction is one of our top priorities!

So before you decide on a sofa maker, why not also speak to us and find out more before you decide.

Contact Vince at 90305057 or email: sales(AT)  or Justin(AT)

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