Just a few months ago while lying on my sofa on a boring Monday afternoon, in a spurt of the moment, I had my braces re-done. My teeth have gone misalign due to age perhaps. Blaming that lazy afternoon, I called the nearest dentist to my estate to have it done. I was thinking that what could go wrong with such a simple procedure and the cost is cheaper than going to the orthodontics.  But I could not be more WRONG.

The dentist who practices in a clinic directly beside a coffee shop and near to junction 8 mall was a very nice person. So I kind of feel guilty mentioning name. Nevertheless, the expected treatment was delayed by at least 30% in time, the cost went up and the problem is still not fixed.  Obviously, he had problems with the treatment. Instead of apologizing, he put the blame on me. I began to be doubtful of him.

So I consulted an experienced orthodontist! Guess what… I was right that he was WRONG! The orthodontist listed out the things that he should have done and did not. And had the treatment re-done, when I return to the dentist to complain. He had the cheek to deny that what he did was wrong.

I think many people have gone through such experience in life that is why at centrepiece furnishing. We believe that experience and expertise cannot be compromised. Sometimes, taking more effort into getting the best may worth more than what you think.

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