What fabric is suitable for your sofa?

The fine threads that you get from those silk worms are known to be one of
the finest luxury that mankind has discovered. It is said to be able to
self regulate its tempre Silk is known to keep people warm in cold season
and at the same time keep you cool during the hot weather like Singapore.
The reason is that silk has this property of regulating inflow and outflow
of body heat at a comfortable range of 26 degrees. On top of that, silk is
also known for its luxurious texture. The feeling of baby soft smoothness
of silk against our skin always makes us feel good. Thus its popularity!

But it is something that I highly suggest that we wear and not use it as
fabrics for upholstery or sofa making. Many customers have suggested to us
that they want to use silk for their sofa. But before you insist on that,
do consider our views on the suitability of silk as your choice of fabric.

1)        Silk is too refine for heavy duty use like sofa making. Many times, it
is not able to withstand the stretching and pulling of normal sofa usage.
2)        Silk is not manufactured for sofas, thus silk is created for other
purposes. Perhaps you might consider using it for the throw cushions as
décor pieces or even as cover on pieces for the sofa.
3)        Silk has very limited availability in the market as an appropriate sofa
fabric. Thus it will cost more and the durability is also in question for
sofa making.
4)        Silk fabric has a fewer selection in terms of designs patterns.
5)        Silk can be used if your sofa is only for display only.

Speak to us for greater details on what fabric is suitable for sofa in
Singapore and in temperate countries if you are an expatriate.  Email
sales(AT)centrepiece.com.sg or contact: Vince 9030 5057.

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