We are expanding! And fully packed with orders again till 30th May 2011!

Many thanks to our clients who have, over the last few years, been recommending our services to their friends! With immense gratitude we have been able to provide everybody with the same no frill quality services and products to all. Our motto remains largely the same of better quality for the same price.

Centrepiece furnishing is thus expanding to fulfill the many orders we received. From next month onwards, we have increased our unit size by three times. This will hopefully be able to accommodate the many referrals that are coming rapidly. With anticipation, you will be able to enjoy your new sofa or upholstery service faster.

On top of that, we are also proud to present new premier fabrics for your greater variety of options and choices!

We have also added our newly minted custom made artworks to match your fabrics or your choices of sofa! Read more at: http://forthgallery.wordpress.com/ or email: Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg

However, we are fully packed with orders again! Sincere apologies to our friends who are still on our waiting list. The next order that we are taking, will be from end of May 2011! Please be patience with us, and we would sincerely  like to speak to you after that! Email us at: info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg to schedule an appointment after that!

Meanwhile, watch this space for more updates!

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