How about a slipcover for your sofa?


Slipcovers – An Effective Way to Renew Your Furniture and change the look of your sofa fast.





Change as often as you like

If you want to give your furniture a new look but you cant decide if that favorite fabric will fit the seasonal changes of the year. Then making slipcovers may be a good option for you. It can be used on sofas and reclining chairs and can fit on them appropriately to take their shape. After which it will not only be easy to change the look of your sofa by simply just changing the slipcovers. You will also be spoil for choices in terms of matching the look of your sofa as often as changing your preference of clothing to match your mood.

Slipcovers Can Be Easily Cleaned

It offer both protection to your furniture and provide a new look to the décor of your home. They help to keep the original fabric of your furniture clean as they are easy to remove and wash when they get dirty. Especially if you have children and pets, it is a good idea to invest in slipcovers to prevent your furniture from becoming grimy.

An inexpensive alternative

Changing furniture can be an expensive option whereas slipcovers can be changed at reasonable costs. The fabric of slip covers can be varied from cotton, denim, corduroy, or even silk (although this is not recommended in Singapore humid weather). Or you can consider materials made of wrinkle free material to give a smooth look even after rough use by children. Slip covers made of stretch material are also available.

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