Centrepiece furnishing official updates

         Centrepiece Furnishing is a conceptual lifestyle furniture workshop. Our vast collection of eclectic pieces,ranging from traditional to contemporary stlyes, allows seamless flow of fluidity and splendor into your homes and lifestyle. Our comprehensive collections allows dedicated home-owners to choose from different styles, textures and colours.

Whether your style rides into the traditional lines or the more modern and minimalist styles, Centrepiece caters to all ideas. Our customised made-to-order sofa and upholstery services come direct from our factory at Centrepiece Furnishing. Receive from our reliable and quality workmanship with our highest assurance.

Furnitures are, essentially, individualistic pieces that come together to bring out a complement of your lifestyle. At Centrepiece, lifestyle is a culture. We inculcate this belief into our collection and selection of quality pieces of our furniture. Accentuate your display of style in your space with our pieces. View the full range of our offerings today!

Email us to find out more at info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg

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